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  • Dangerous Goods and Chemical Shipping solution

    Among the nine types of dangerous goods, transporting dangerous goods (ex: gas cans, alcohol, dry-cleaner, hypochlorous acid water, developer or corrosive liquids, etc.) must be compliance with the Dangerous Goods Transportation Rules (DGR), airlines and domestic transportation regulation.

  • Lithium Batteries Shipping solution

    Lithium Batteries can be divided into Lithium Ion Batteries and Lithium Metal Batteries according to their types. Lithium batteries are regulated as dangerous goods (Dangerous Goods, DG) when transporting, they must be fully compliance during transportation.

  • DG Declaration, DGD

    Help customer shipping International Dangerous Goods can fully comply with ICAO, IATA and carrier regulation.

  • UN packaging, Temperature control and Packing

    Dangerous goods (DG) according to their dangers can be divided into Packing Group (PG) I, II, III grades. In order to comply with the DGR and the requirements of airlines, dangerous goods must be packed within proper UN outer packaging according to their own hazards.

  • Electronic Bikes(E-Bike), UAV / Drone Shipping soultion

    Electronic Bikes(E-Bike), UAV / Drone need to have the function of long-term standby operation, most related products are equipped with lithium ion batteries or lithium metal batteries.

  • IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR) Training

    Provide International Aviation dangerous goods transportation specification training for customers' s employees to understand the dangers of products, establish correct cognition and operation ability for transportation processing, and establish appropriate standard operating procedures for new products

  • Safety Data Sheet compile

    To compile a safety data sheet must be based on chemicals and dangerous goods their own chemical composition (CAS number) concentration, physical / chemical properties, toxicity and stability information.

  • 危險品標籤及操作標籤

    空 / 海運危險品標籤,操作標籤--
    危險物品就是對健康、安全、財產與環境會造成危害的物質或物品;或是 DGR 中的危險物品表所列舉的物質或物品;或是根據 DGR 屬於危險物品分類標準的物質或物品。聯合國編號是指由聯合國危險貨物運輸委員會制定之“危險貨物運輸建議書”中對每一種常用之危險貨物和物品所用的編號。